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Get Out Of Your Own Way!

Happy Sunday family!!! I clearly am not good at keeping at a consistent schedule, am I? When I tell you I have been busy...I have been busy. Did you catch the new moon on July 9th? Hopefully, you set some intentions and released all the crap in your life worth releasing. Typically for those of religious backgrounds, Sundays are the days to go to church and receive the word to begin their upcoming week, so I decided why wouldn't I do some preaching today? Y'all ready for today

Choose You.

Hi Family! Long time no talk! How have you all been? I just know by now that self-love/care is not even a thought and we are living with love and intention in 2021. Speaking of 2021, can you believe it is March? I mean, where has the time gone? Did you see the new Coming 2 America, comment below and let me know what you thought? I sincerely hope that everyone is being safe during this pandemic, taking each day as it comes, and being gentle with yourself. Now, if you would hav

F#@k it!

Hi my Nautical Tripper Family!!! My has it been a week. People have really been showing their true colors, and I have been removing them faster than a knife fight in a phone booth. What have you done for yourself this week? Tell me something excited or groundbreaking that happened to you this week? What are you grateful for in this moment? Let me know in the comments. Now let us get on to the good stuff. Warning...If you do not like the F word, I suggest you click off now, be

Soul Food Sunday: Just Say No.

Happy Sunday my Nautical Tripper Family! I have definitely missed you. I hope that you are practicing self love/care on this fine day, and every day for that matter. Comment below and let me know how you treated yourself this week? Do not worry, I will wait. On this day that I have deemed Soul Food Sunday, we are going to discuss the power of the word no. We are on a journey to being the best versions of ourselves, so why should we not stand up for ourselves and create bounda

Think Different

Happy Sunday family!!! I have missed you all since Wednesday, what have you done for yourself lately? Get it? Maybe? Any who... Let's talk about the law of attraction. You know how the concept goes right? The law of attraction is the belief that the universe creates and provides for you that which your thoughts are focused on. The results of positive thoughts are always positive consequences. The same holds true for negative thoughts, always leading to bad outcomes. Now is th

Happy Hump Day!!!

Half way to the weekend, and has it been a long week, or has it been a long week? The airing of soiled laundry has commenced throughout america. We have a front row seat to just how deeply rooted white supremacy is, not only nationally, but globally as well. I mean was it really a secret? Whether you are out there protesting, supporting those in protest, or combatting the trolls online, you're seen, and appreciated. Do not allow anyone to make you feel pressured, or guilty be

Self Care/Love Saturday

What does being selfish mean to you? self·ish /ˈselfiSH/ adjective (of a person, action, or motive) lacking consideration for others; concerned chiefly with one's own personal profit or pleasure. Sounds pretty horrible right? At the start of 2020, I decided that I would consciously and intentionally become more selfish and start to take more time to focus on myself. I mean this should be pretty standard right? WRONG! I always associated being selfish with something negative