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Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Malta Fun Facts:

Capital: Valleta

Population: 425,384

Official Language: Maltese & English

Currency: Euro

Welcome back to I'm Trippin' where today we will be crossing over the North Atlantic and stopping in Malta. I was fortunate enough to live in the United Kingdom for several years, and because of this, I was able to fly to some pretty amazing places in and around Europe for dirt cheap. One of these places was Malta. To be honest, I had no idea where Malta was prior to being bored at work one day, pulling out a map and picking the most random place to research. In doing so, I stumbled upon Malta, and it was surprisingly inexpensive to fly there from London.

Off we go!

Merħba f'Malta (Welcome to Malta!)

I stayed in an airbnb, and the views were amazing. The airbnb that I booked was a pretty nice deal. The owner picked me up from the airport and dropped me off at the apartment. The views were amazing, and the apartment was located in Sliema Malta. The place was very central to everything. Look at this view from my room!!!! As you can see, Malta is very concrete, but still so beautiful in its own way.

A tip that I would love to offer people traveling to new places is to do a quick search on what is going on for that time of year wherever you are going. I have definitely had to learn this lesson the hard way many times.

I have a funny story, that I can laugh at now but thought that I was not going to make it off the island at the time. Malta has something called the Saluting Battery. This is where historically a cannon would fire their salutes, or pay their respects to passing or visiting to naval vessels. Present day, the battery has been restored, and a cannon is fired every day at noon and 4pm. I DID NOT KNOW THIS. I thought they were having world war three when I was there. Imagine having a long night, and waking up to this loud noise on vacation.

Then....to top it off, there were fireworks at night lol I could not catch a break. Due to the fact Malta is so concrete, it would literally shake everything to its core. I will tell you, I do not miss this part of Malta.

I mean, but the water is so beautiful.

Unique Experiences: Esperjenzi Uniċi

Gozo, Comino, and Blue Lagoon Tour:

I signed up for the Gozo, Comino, and Blue Lagoon tour online from a company called Luzzu Cruises, and with that I received a free two hour harbor tour. The boat tour was amazing, and perfectly timed, and organized. Initially I thought that the all day tour was going to be long because it was 7 hours, but it was great. So much to see, and because the boat is smaller I was able to get up and close to the caves. Both tours were amazing in their own ways.

A few suggestions;

Arrive early so you can get a good seat. I got there at 930 and the line was already long. I was able to get a great seat, but the latecomers showed up and expected me to scoot over to accommodate them, and to be packed like a sardine for the whole boat ride. Nah.

Eat Prior to coming onboard. Although they have a bar downstairs, and are able to get off in Gozo, I would suggest eating before, and allowing time if necessary to eat in Gozo.

Wear plenty of sunscreen. It was warm!

Show your appreciation, and leave a little change for the crew at the end. This tour definitely ticked all the boxes for me, and it is a great way to see the sites, without the hassle of trying to do it yourself!

Click on the pictures below to expand them, and really see just how beautiful Malta really is.

Gugar Hangout & Bar:

I took a day to explore Valletta when I stumbled upon this cute little hole in the wall. Initially, the stickers on the outside of the cafe caught my attention, so I figured I would come back after I was done walking around. One of the owners was there, and he was extremely friendly and chatty with me. He let me know what was going on around, and even invited me to see his band play the next day. I felt very welcome, and loved the setup of the cafe. Great experience! Look at this neat lamp that I captured made from cassette tapes.

Sliema to Valletta Ferry:

The ferry was inexpensive, quick, and efficient. I was able to cross the harbor and see the capital which is very beautiful. Although when I went, Malta seemed to be under construction, I was able to take the day, walk around and see a lot of the historical areas of Valleta.

Siege Bell Memorial, Valletta

Overlooking the Harbor of Valletta is the Siege Bell Memorial built in 1992 to honor the over 7000 people who lost their lives in the WWII.

Dining Experiences:Esperjenzi Tal-ikel

Tre Angeli: As soon as I was able to drop off my things, the apartment owner took me to a restaurant he owned right around the corner. The food was very tasty, and they had drink specials. Needless to say, I was in heaven.

Cafe Cuba: Live music and crepes, what more could one ask for? I went here twice because I could not get the Jolie Crepe off of my mind. Also, the restaurant stays open fairly late, and due to all the fireworks and explosions while we were there ( I will get into that later), it was hard to go to sleep early. I ordered calamari, and and a large order of nachos. Yum...Yum...Yum.... For dessert I ordered the Jolie crepe without hazelnuts. I was pleasantly surprised with everything, as it was delicious! I suggest carrying cash when dining so you can pay and go. It is right on the strip, and well worth it.

What did you think of Malta? Is this somewhere you would consider visiting? Have you ever heard of Malta? Comment below and let me know family. Please like my instagram and facebook, and spread the word. I would greatly appreciate it.

Always remember that jobs fill your pocket, but adventures fill your soul.. My time has come to close out this installment of I'm Trippin'.

Until next time my Nautical Tripper Family. Stay Woke, Stay Humble, and Stay Trippin'.

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