Soul Food Sunday: Just Say No.

Happy Sunday my Nautical Tripper Family! I have definitely missed you. I hope that you are practicing self love/care on this fine day, and every day for that matter. Comment below and let me know how you treated yourself this week? Do not worry, I will wait.

On this day that I have deemed Soul Food Sunday, we are going to discuss the power of the word no. We are on a journey to being the best versions of ourselves, so why should we not stand up for ourselves and create boundaries? I can already hear the excuses now. You're saying things like; I have obligations, work deadlines, friends who need me, important plans, family business, and the list goes on and on....


Hear me out...

Just listen....

No, Seriously....

What if you just said....."No".

Saying no is the easiest way for us to not only set boundaries, but allows us to prioritize our own well being over anything else. Your ability to say no is often a reflection of how you view yourself and reflects the lack of self love/care you have allotted for yourself. Saying yes all the time can be exhausting, and if you really sit back and think, how often do you find yourself doing things you really do not want to be doing? Remember, we are talking about setting healthy boundaries, and prioritizing what has to be done NOW, versus what can be postponed for LATER. This allows for you to recharge, come back refreshed, clear and ready to tackle a new day.

No is a complete sentence. Just wow.

Let me be clear because saying no does not mean that you cannot continue to be there for others, it just means that you have to fill your cup first before you go to fill anyone else's. You have to prioritize yourself and well being before any else's because we need you around, and at your best. You have to get to the point where you are so in tune with yourself, that you know when you cannot take on anything else, and be content in putting it off until you're able to give it your all.

What are you communicating to people when you do not have clear boundaries? Think about this, should anyone be upset that I am practicing self love/care by setting boundaries? What does that say about them? Anyone who has an issue with you setting boundaries, is someone who is used to you not having any, and that in itself speaks volumes, and is extremely problematic. Do these same people fill your cup the way you fill theirs? Why are you so comfortable with spreading yourself thin, and not receiving what you are giving? Do you feel obligated to be there for this person/people? Are you stuck in a role of being the helper or just plain scared to relinquish some of that responsibility? Do you need to feel wanted, or needed? Whatever the reason, it cannot continue.

When we learn to love ourselves and see our self worth, the need to be Captain-Save-Everybody will subside, and we can learn to really see life as it should be seen, and live life as it should be lived.

When we say no, it allows us to make time for what matters in our lives. It also allows us time with ourself. Is this someone you have grown to love, or resent? Do you even know yourself? Do you like yourself? Is it time to get to know yourself again? I think so.

In case you need some ideas to say no, I have included 20 ways that I found online;

  1. No thanks.

  2. Thank you for thinking of me, I'm sorry I can't at this time.

  3. I just can’t right now.

  4. I’m unavailable.

  5. I'm not feeling up for it.

  6. I've got too much on my plate right now.

  7. I’m not taking on anything else right now.

  8. It's not possible.

  9. I'd love to in the future, but I really can't right now.

  10. It's too bad I'm busy but please let me know how it turns out.

  11. I’m slammed.

  12. Perhaps when things clear up on my end.

  13. I'd love to take a raincheck.

  14. Perhaps, another time, let me know what next week/month looks like.

  15. Thanks for thinking of me, but I can’t.

  16. No thank-you, but it sounds lovely.

  17. It sounds like you’re looking for something I’m not able to give right now.

  18. It’s not a good idea for me.

  19. I won’t be able to help.

  20. I’m honored, but can’t.

Practice saying no. It may be uncomfortable, but you are worth it. No explanations, no compromises, and no excuses, JUST SAY NO. It is time.

I figured since we are rocking the boat by saying no, I would include some of my favorite boat pictures.

Comment below, and let me know what you thought of today's discussion, and how you plan on creating boundaries and sticking to them. Give me a thumbs up in the comments if you can relate to todays topic on saying no. Shoot me an email if you would like, and follow my Facebook and Instagram which are also at the bottom of the page. Feel free to spread the word as well.

Until next time, Happy Soul Food Sunday family.

Talk soon.

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