Happy Hump Day!!!

Half way to the weekend, and has it been a long week, or has it been a long week? The airing of soiled laundry has commenced throughout america. We have a front row seat to just how deeply rooted white supremacy is, not only nationally, but globally as well. I mean was it really a secret? Whether you are out there protesting, supporting those in protest, or combatting the trolls online, you're seen, and appreciated. Do not allow anyone to make you feel pressured, or guilty because you're not being seen or out there on the front lines face to face with the police and national guards. Self preservation is key, we need you around. Trust me.

If you're like me and torn with how to really make a difference in the revolution, here are some ways to support #BLM movement, and the protesters on the front lines.

  1. Fill up your feeds. Are there a lot of people of color on your Twitter and Instagram and Facebook feeds? If not, visit the social media pages of your favorite black thinkers, artists, politicians, athletes, and public figures, and see who they follow. Follow ’em.

  2. Donate. Truth: Some nonprofits are better run than others. Here’s a list of 25 well-regarded nonprofits that work to protect civil and legal rights and promote tolerance. You can’t go wrong by picking three and donating.

  3. Buy from black-owned businesses. Google “black-owned business in [my city]” or “black-owned restaurants in [my city]” to find a local roundup. (Nationwide directories are still spotty, unfortunately.) Many black businesses are struggling with the pandemic. We like these delightful book, homeware, and fashion options. Today and every day.

  4. Read or watch. Read Tressie McMillan’s totally brilliant collection Thick. Watch the excellent documentary Accidental Courtesy. For kids: a YouTube read-aloud of Something Happened in Our Town.

  5. Vote. Primaries are in eight states today, half of which were previously postponed due to the pandemic. Either get your ballot in, or text your friends in Indiana, Maryland, Montana, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, and Washington, D.C., to make sure they vote. Nothing changes without the right people in office. Check out the full article here.

Keep watching because this Revolution Will Be Televised!!!

Now, in light of current events, I figured I could take up three minutes of your time and distract you from reality because we all could use a distraction right now. Trust me, you will not be upset you did. If you're open to a little distraction, grab a pen or open the notes in your phone, and answer the questions below.

Picture yourself walking through a forest. (Just go with it, and open your mind)

1. Who are you walking with? As you continue on in your walk through the forest, you come across an animal.

2. What kind of animal is it? You approach the animal.

3. What does the animal do? You’re walking deeper into the woods and you come to a clearing. There’s a house in the middle of the clearing.

4. How big is the house? Is it fenced in or not? As you walk up to the door of the home you see that it is open. You enter and see a table.

5. Describe what you see on and around the table. As you leave out the back door, you find a cup.

6. What is the cup made out of? What do you do with the cup? As you walk to the end of the clearing, you find yourself at a body of water.

7. What kind of body of water is it? You must cross this water in order to get home.

8. How wet do you get crossing the water?

Analysis Of Your Answers

1. The person you were walking with is an important person in your life.

2. The size of the animal you come across is a representation of your perception of the size of your current problems.

3. The way in which you approach the animal represents how you handle your problems. You are seen as either active or passive toward your problems.

4. The size of your home is representative of the size of your ambitions. If there was no fence around the home, it means you tend to be more open to other people. If there was a fence, then you tend to exclude others.

5. If the table was empty, (no food, people, or flowers) it may indicate some unhappiness in your life.

6. How durable the cup you found was is representative of how strong your relationship is with the person that you were walking with. What you do with it is representative of your attitude toward that person.

7. The size of the body of water is related to the size of your sexual drive or desire for intimacy.

8. If you became very wet crossing the water, it indicates that intimacy is important to you. If not very wet, it may mean that it’s less important.

How did you do? How accurate were your responses? Email me, and let me know! If you have not already, please subscribe to my blog so you can get updates whenever I post, and follow my instagram @nauticaltripper.

Following up from last week, what have you, or do you plan to do for yourself this week? The goal is self love, and it is a skill that needs to be practiced and perfected on a daily basis.

Compassion for others begins with kindness for ourselves - Pema Chödrön

Check out my Hump Day photo, and let me know how much you loved, or or did not love this blog.

Thanks for stopping by, talk soon.

You can’t separate peace from freedom

because no one can be at peace

unless he has his freedom.

Malcolm X

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